Advanced maintenance, lifetime extension and repowering of wind farms supported by advanced digital tools

Launched in January 2020, WindEXT is an ambitious European funded project. The goal of the project is to develop specialized training that will allow reducing the LCOE by reducing the OPEX, increase the quality of O&M services while extending the lifetime of the assets and the working conditions of the maintenance personnel.

The duration of the project will be three years, so it will end up in December 2022.

This project will reinforce the creation of new companies in the classical maintenance activities, but also in new business areas as for instance: life extension, through the integration of new digital tools and advanced maintenance, recycling and reuse of components.

 The main objectives are:

  • Providing a better understanding of the use of simulators and digital approaches for maintenance and lifetime extension as well their validation in real conditions.
  • Teaching on diagnostic procedures to evaluate the situation of the different components.
  • Teaching on the methods to evaluate the factors affecting the loss of availability.
  • Selection of the best procedures to dismantle a wind farm regarding the final use of the WTG components.
  • Teaching on the most appropriate methods for logistics, recycling and/or re-use of machinery, blades and main components.
  • To design and develop e-learning platforms that will host the educational resources.
  • Consolidation of Independent Services Providers.

A consortium of European key players in the Wind Industry, Universities and training centres come together, to create the reference training course WindEXT. The presence of UTEC/CEFOMER from Uruguay is considered fundamental to adapt the contents to another sociological/legal scenario as the LATAM countries.

8.2 Consulting AG is responsible for defining the structure of the training course WindEXT.

The WindEXT project receives funding under the ERASMUS + programme of the European Union.

More detailed project Information: