Sereema signs a partnership deal with 8.2 Consulting AG

The French IoT company specialized in optimizing wind turbine performance and the German independent renewable energy expert firm have begun 2018 by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

8.2 speeds up the digital journey and adds Windfit® to their catalog

8.2 brings together experts with decades of experience and young thinkers dedicated to ensuring the enduring value of renewable energy projects.

Sereema is quickly becoming a leading actor in the optimization of wind turbine performance, both onshore and offshore.

Following the “together we’re stronger” motto, both entities have decided to join forces on the European market. “Our common ground is for our customers to get the best of their wind farms with the highest yield and production possible”.

In order to efficiently do so, Sereema will enhance 8.2 digital expertise and rely on them to directly deliver it at the customers doorstep. Experts from 8.2 will be there to further customer support and guide them through the many functionalities of the Windfit® solution.

Windfit® is the ultimate IoT tool on the market to monitor turbines and optimize their performance. Through the smart sensors embedded in the box, data is collected and analyzed by dedicated algorithms specifically developed by Sereema. The results are made available to the user directly on a web portal. They get access to crucial incentive concerning rotor balance, yaw movements, north and other significant functions of the turbine. Correctly set thanks to Windfit diagnostics, they produce more and better and boots the farm’s cashflow.

About Sereema:
Sereema puts high tech at the service of energy transition.
Thanks to its Windfit® connected technology, Sereema provides top of the line services to optimize energy production and maintenance of wind farms, thus increasing assets yield.
Sereema now supports over 100 MW of wind farms in France and Europe.
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About 8.2 Consulting AG:
8.2 Consulting AG is a major player in the German offshore wind industry and since 2006 active in more than 80% of the German projects. 8.2 Consulting holds valuable knowledge regarding production, installation, commissioning and operation of offshore wind farms. 8.2 Consulting provides a wide range of technical consulting services and inspections for on- and offshore wind & grid integration.