Increase plant reliability and optimize your yields!

Due to long term experience with wind turbines, the 8.2 team is able to assess technical problems competently and thus to implement your projects perfectly. Our aim is to increase the reliability and availability of your wind turbines as well as to optimize your operational results or energy yield possibilities.

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Technical Inspections

Guarantee for the profitability of your wind turbine - operation of all technical elements without problems!

The cost-efficiency of every wind turbine is based on the perfect operation of all technical elements. Therefore, the 8.2 team of experts performs all necessary inspections and measurements and, in addition, inspects the quality of each respective component of the wind turbine.

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Assessment and Inspection for Continued Operation

Calculation of the possible total service life for a safe continued operation of your plant!

The lifetime of a wind turbine is a minimum of 20 years according to IEC 61400 [1]. However, differences between the design loads and the actual loads on-site can lead to the possibility of operating the WEC longer than the design life. Using an aero elastic simulation the individual overall lifetime can be calculated per main component.

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Our comprehensive practical experience for your Offshore turbine!

Due to increased wind speed combined with technically advanced turbines special knowhow is necessary for the performance of economically promising offshore projects. 8.2 will support you proficiently with the help of our practical experience resulting from various offshore projects.

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Offline Vibration Measurement

With the experience resulting from more than 3,500 offline vibration analyses and 1,2 GW Online-Monitoring of 300 kW – 6.5 MW wind turbines the 8.2 Monitoring GmbH inspects drive trains with the help of highly efficient vibration analyses.

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Control of the WEC structure

We detect damage to supporting structures in good time!

During the assessment and evaluation of wind turbine foundations and towers, the experts at 8.2 assess the condition of the supporting structures and determine existing damage.

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Rotor blade inspections

We inspect rotor blades from production up to smooth operation!

The rotor blades must withstand enormous loads during the operating of a wind turbine.

They are permanently exposed to an extremely dynamic load spectrum.

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Boroscopy / Thermography

Early detection of component damage by boroscopy & thermography!

Since 2004 the 8.2 GROUP has performed more than 3,000 inspections by boroscopy – a visual examination with the help of a video camera.

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