Optimising Operations of your PV System

Increased reliability & optimized operating results for your solar plant!

Our aim: we help you to increase the reliability of your PV systems and optimize your operating results.
To this effect, we support you with various services such as preparation of plant certificates, contractual consultancy or operational data analysis.
Here are some of our services for optimizing the result of your solar plant:
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Due Diligence for Solar projects

Avoid technical risks for your PV project!

Due diligence is a core requirement of any professional approach. Diligence is a ‘must’ whenever large amounts of money are invested in assets with latent risk of loss.

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Consulting and Monitoring

Energy Yield Projection:
You would like to invest in the construction of a photovoltaic plant? The 8.2 GROUP will examine in advance the cost-effectiveness of your investment and will guarantee the best possible security for your investment by quality assessment.

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Glare assessment

Although photovoltaic modules are designed in a way that the light is mostly being absorbed by the solar module, a small part of the sunlight is reflected on the module’s surface.

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