E-Learning-Course - Safety when working on electrical systems

With the ON-TRA Online Training for safety when working on electrical systems, you fulfill your yearly obligation regarding instruction of EuP (electrotechnically instructed persons) and EFK (electrical specialists) !

Convenient, time-saving and technically up-to-date:
this e-learning course offers comprehensive and legally compliant instruction for EuP and EFK. The training fulfills both the criteria of the annually required safety instruction for work on electrical systems (according to § 12 ArbSchG, § 12 BetrSichV, DGUV regulation 3 and DIN VDE 0150-100) and the requirements for the theoretical part of the EuP training.

The content of the course was developed by 8.2 QHSE GmbH & CO.KG, Rostock in cooperation with ON-TRA Online Training and is subject to regular updates.


The Services, Your Advantages

Who is ON-TRA?

ON-TRA is a company specialized in e-learning. The courses have been developed in cooperation with qualified specialists and adapted to the industry-specific needs.

Supported by 8.2 QHSE GmbH & CO.KG, Rostock and our longterm experience in the German market, training courses in the technical field are adapted to and established in the digital structure.

Why an online course by ON-TRA?

You receive an industry-independent online course for the theoretical part of the EiP training as well as for the annually required safety instruction for work on electrical systems (acc. § 12 ArbSchG, § 12 BetrSichV, DGUV Vorschrift 3 and DIN VDE 0150-100).

Thus, you create the basis for the activity-related instruction at the workplace by the supervisor!

The most important topics

  • Legal requirements
  • Dangers and basics of electrical safetyt
  • Operational and working procedures
  • Measurement methods and appropriate tools
  • Behaviour in case of accidents and first-aid-measures

HERE you will find some detailed information ref. course content


Further advantages:

  • Browser-based courses in German and English
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of time and location
  • Cost advantage compared to conventional EiP-courses
  • Legal requirements fulfilled in compliance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Receipt of certificate immediately after successful completion of online course
  • Varied layout of learning content and intuitive user interface


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