28. Windenergietage Potsdam

Our 8.2 experts will again be represented at the 28. Windenergietage in Potsdam.

Visit us at Stand 152 or on Wednesday 06/11/19 in Forum 9 and 23!

In Forum 9 Martin Krallmann, 8.2 Consulting AG will talk about the review of site quality according to TR10.

In Forum 23 Timo Poetschke, 8.2 Münster will present his experience regarding construction supervision and support structures in international projects.

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Presentation of the 8.2 group at the Technical Mission Offshore WindPower

This event is a special trip to Germany  from May 19 – 23 2019 to Hamburg & Bremerhaven for Brazilian decision-makers, organised by the Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Brasil-Alemanha do Rio de Janeiro (AHK-RJ) in cooperation with Johannes Dimas - Energy & Project Management.

The trip will provide the participants with a deeper understanding of the technical and environmental regulatory framework of the offshore wind energy sector in Germany and how this combines with the new technologies, trends, as well as with the financing and insurance sector.

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Distributed Solar Systems for 20,000 Acres Drip Irrigation Systems and Tunnel Farms in Punjab, Pakistan

The Department of Agriculture (Water Management), Government of the Punjab has got a mandate for execution of the project titled “Promotion of High Value Agriculture through Provision of Climate Smart Technology Package”.

8.2 Renewable Energy Experts Hamburg and 8.2 Renewable Energy Experts Pakistan (REEP) were hired as Owner’s Engineer for the supervision and monitoring of the project by the Department of Agriculture.

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8.2 Group at Hamburg WindEnergy 2018

The 8.2 Group will be presenting its wide range of services at Hamburg WindEnergy, September 25th – 28th, 2018.

Take profit from over 20 years of independent expert knowledge and inform yourself about our extensive selection of technical consulting services and inspections in the fields of onshore and offshore wind energy, photovoltaics, biogas, grid integration and QHSE.

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Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2018, 15.-16. May 2018, Vilnius, Lithuania

WindEurope Technology Workshop will focus on the growing use of big data and innovative approaches to boost performance and optimize O&M strategies. Both are essential aspects to improve the overall performance of the technology and to continue to keep the costs competitive.

Philipp Stukenbrock, 8.2 Consulting AG, presents his topic:

“Lifetime extension reports and the redesign of O&M concepts for aging turbines”

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Health and occupational safety - the new ISO 45001:2018

8.2 Consulting AG advises and supports in the certification process

Health and physical integrity of employees is a cornerstone of a sustainable and high-performance organisation. Therefore 8.2 Consulting is actively involved in promoting the international implementation of the new occupational safety standard.

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Sereema signs a partnership deal with 8.2 Consulting AG

The French IoT company specialized in optimizing wind turbine performance and the German independent renewable energy expert firm have begun 2018 by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

8.2 speeds up the digital journey and adds Windfit® to their catalog

8.2 brings together experts with decades of experience and young thinkers dedicated to ensuring the enduring value of renewable energy projects.

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Horizon 2020 Project

8.2 Consulting AG is proud to be part of the pan-European consortium that participates in the Horizon 2020 project - a technology platform for the first prototype of a double-digit rated capacity turbine in a realistic offshore environment

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Leaders in Lifetime Extension Surveys

8.2 Consulting breaks through the 300 wind turbine barrier

Hamburg-based 8.2 Consulting AG has investigated the lifetime extension of more than 300 onshore and offshore wind turbines. The experts’ analyses show that most wind turbines can extend the operation beyond their design life of 20 years. The company will be presenting its findings at the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam from 28 to 30 November.

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What to do With your Aging Wind Portfolio?

In one of Europe’s most mature wind markets, Germany, 40% of installed capacity will be over 15 years old by 2020.

Owners, operators and service providers are looking at ways to assess the residual useful life of wind farm assets and methods to extract the maximum value from an ageing fleet.

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8.2 Agreement with Vattenfall

8.2 Consulting AG signs another framework agreement with Vattenfall

Vattenfall and 8.2 Consulting AG consolidate their cooperation by signing the third framework agreement in the offshore wind energy segment.

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Inspection work of 8.2 Consulting AG now framed by ISO 17020 accreditation

8.2 Consulting AG has once again proven its competence. The inspection portfolio regarding wind turbine generators and conformity checks along grid connection certification activities have been accredited as inspection body by DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) according to DIN ISO/IEC 17020.

The accreditation is evidence of the high claim of quality and competence. Furthermore it guarantees independency and integrity as well as the comparability of the results.

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Ultrasound device

8.2 performed an end of warranty inspection on 15 Vestas V100 in Brazil.

The operation of the drive train was evaluated with the support of an ultrasound device. Thus, several operational irregular noises were found in the gearboxes.

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8.2 Consulting AG is voted „Best Consultant“!

8.2 Consulting AG is on the winners' list of Germany´s best consulting companies for the fourth year in a row. The biggest market survey in Germany revealed that the company is one of the best consultants in the section Energy & Environment.

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Hull-retaining verification by 8.2 Consulting AG

Hull-retaining verification by 8.2 Consulting AG in order to comply with the BSH standard

IEMANTS Steel Constructions (IEMANTS) has requested the expertise of 8.2 Consulting AG (8.2AG) to carry out BSH collision friendliness analyses of the support structure.

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8.2 Consulting AG - Vortrag bei INDUSTRY TALK

Die 8.2 Consulting AG hält einen Vortrag bei Clifford Chance für die Vortragsreihe INDUSTRY TALK. Der Vortrag findet am 9. November 2016 in Düsseldorf statt.

Thema: „Risk Management – Vertragliche Gestaltung und Implementierung im Unternehmen“

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Wind Power Brazil 2016

Once again 8.2 was present with a Stand in the Brazil Wind Power event that was held from 30 August to 1 September in the Rio de Janeiro SulAmérica Convention Center.

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Renewables pioneers join forces to create 8.2 Aarufield

Award-winning German renewables specialists 8.2 Consulting AG have today joined forces with offshore wind experts Aarufield to announce an integrated UK-based consultancy offering high-end technical, commercial and financial advice to wind, solar and biomass leaders 8.2 Aarufield

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8.2 Consulting AG performed TDD services for Innergex

On March 21st 2016, Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. announced the successful acquisition of a 87 MW portfolio consisting of 7 operating wind farms in France. “[…] the transactions announced today lay the basis for the future development of Innergex in France, a highly attractive growth market.” mentioned Michel Letellier, President and CEO of Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.

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8.2 Consulting Carrying Out Technical Due Diligence at Meerwind

8.2 Consulting AG was chosen by DIF to perform a preliminary technical due diligence of the German Offshore Wind Farm Meerwind S|O. Special focus was given to the analysis of the O&M strategy, the O&M budget estimation, the estimation of electrical losses and a general red-flag analysis.

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New services offered by 8.2 Portugal/Brasil

New methods of blade inspections

Assessment of Defects by Active Thermography (Only in combination with rope access inspection)

Some defects become only hardly visible on the blade surface. With the support of active thermography we will evaluate defects below the blade surface, in terms of extension and depth.

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Two in one!

The cooperation 8.2 Austria resulted in two independent 8.2 engineering offices:

8.2 Ingenieurbüro Windenergie in Salzburg and

8.2 WindING Consult e.U. in Vienna.

This provides even more flexibility to meet the high demands of our Austrian customers!

Something is new in the state of Denmark

8.2 Consulting AG together with Rasmus Ilum Nielsen established a new subsidiary in Denmark.

“With the lowest prices ever, the Danish offshore market is again in the frontlines and we are happy to be part of this revolution.” says Benjamin Quader, Head of Offshore within 8.2 Consulting AG.

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20 years - 8.2 celebrates!

This year 8.2 is celebrating a big anniversary –

20 years since the foundation of the 1. office by Manfred Lührs! 

Therefore, our traditional 8.2 Reception will leave its usual date on Feb. 08th and will be held in summer. Stay tuned for more information!