Your reliable partner in renewable energy successful since 1995!

A complete network of independent experts has developed nationally as well as internationally within only few years since the foundation of the first 8.2 office in 1995.

Today, with more than 40,000 technical inspections, 20 GW technical due diligence projects worldwide, and 32 independent locations, the 8.2 GROUP is one of the leading specialists in the various fields of sustainable energy.

130 experts handle a total of 5,000 clients from more than 50 countries offering comprehensive consulting services, technical inspections for wind turbines, PV, biogas plants and electrical grid /grid integration. Furthermore, right from the beginning 8.2 has been working offshore and is involved in nearly all German offshore projects in various fields.

Services offered by the 8.2 GROUP are facilitated by the specialist knowledge of the 8.2 GROUP members in subjects such as glass fibre-reinforced composites, vibration analysis, video endoscopy, condition monitoring, rotor blade inspection by rope access technique as well as foundation control.

Our active way of knowledge management will be your profit

The close cooperation of all 8.2 offices as well as the exchange of experience and information on a regular basis supports a constant transfer of valuable knowledge.
Thus, every 8.2 expert is able to access the 8.2 GROUP’s complete knowledge which is being improved and updated continuously by additional and regular training programs in our 8.2 Academy.

The technical knowledge of the 8.2 experts is always on an up to date level due to their active work in certification bodies, committees, advisory boards and quality initiatives. Moreover, our experts are working actively for the development of norms, basic principles and inspection methods.
You as our customer will profit from this unique professional background based on our advanced knowledge and high quality level of work.