Online Workshop: Operational Assessment - End of Life and Business Models

Online Workshop with Philipp Stukenbrock, 8.2 Consulting AG, 11 June 2020 // 14:30-16:00

WindEurope Wind Energy Workshops

In addition to its main events, WindEurope organises wind energy workshops in response to requests from members where participants can exchange experience on policy, finance and technical developments.
The online meeting "Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms" will take place entirely online via the web application from Monday 8 June until Thursday 11 June, 2020.
Lifetime extension reports and the approach to analyze the trend of old turbines for the period of the remaining lifetime -
Results and challenges based on 1 000 lifetime extension assessments
Day 4 // 11 June 2020
14:30 - 16:00
Speaker: Philipp Stukenbrock, Head of Sales, 8.2 Consulting AG

Session description:

The average operational lifetime of a wind farm is estimated to be in the range of 20-25 years. This means that a significant portion of most installed wind farms will come to their nominal End of Life in the coming years and operators will have to make critical business decisions based on the specific characteristics of the site, conditions and installed technology. With reference to the European Union, such decisions will also have a significant impact on delivering the 2030 wind capacity and energy targets declared in the National Energy and Climate Plans as well as on the foreseen carbon neutrality targets by 2050. The session End of Life & Business Decisions will kick-off with an overview of the current wind energy landscape and repowering potentials in Italy and it will them move on to give an account of cutting-edge tools to help navigating among the possible options: extend the operational life of the assets, re-power the site or decommission.

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