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New methods of blade inspections

Assessment of Defects by Active Thermography (Only in combination with rope access inspection)

Some defects become only hardly visible on the blade surface. With the support of active thermography we will evaluate defects below the blade surface, in terms of extension and depth.

Example of a damage assessment with support of active thermography

Rotor Blade Inspection (inside)

Visual examination at close distance with support of solar light, UV lamp, thermography and tapping.

Strutural defects, cracks, cavities and surface imperfection can be detected.

Example of a gap detected by thermography


Endoscopy of the Blade (Only in combination with „in situ“ blade inspection)

Visual inspection of the gearbox with the help of a flexible video endoscope:


Rotor Blade Inpection from the Ground

The inspection will be performed from the ground with long distance lenses.

Smaller defects, such as hair cracks, cavities, surface imperfection can not be detected.

Resistance measurement of the lightning conduit is not done.

Example of a defect detected with long distance lenses


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