8.2 Consulting to perform first full campaign of periodic inspections for OWF Meerwind Süd | Ost

Following the successful completion of the first periodic inspections last year, 8.2 Consulting AG was awarded with a contract for another three years by operator WindMW GmbH (WindMW).

This puts WindMW in line with recommendations of approving authority BSH. This recommendation, which is expected to become mandatory soon, foresees inspections on 25% of all turbines each year in order to confirm operational safety.

“In 8.2 Consulting AG we have found a reliable partner for our project”, states Stefan Klett, General Manager of WindMW. “We value their outstanding expertise and have built a constructive business-cooperation during the course of the project”.

8.2 is involved with Meerwind since 2010; from initial design review of the WTG over quality assurance along assembly of all WTG up to inspection after commissioning.

Founded in 2006, the 8.2 Consulting AG quickly became a main player in the field of offshore wind. Being involved in more than 70% of all German offshore projects, 8.2 is the reliable partner of every quality oriented developer.